ZTE GRAND X2 SMARTPHONE – Review and Specifications

ZTE GRAND X2 SMARTPHONE – Review and SpecificationsTill now ZTE’s all smartphones didn’t reach on expected sales and popularity apart from ZTE’s network solutions which are still one of the best in the world. This time with the positive hope of increased sales, ZTE has officially announced about its upcoming Grand X2 Smartphone at the MedPi conference in Monaco. According to some official resources the conference went great and ZTE got good responses about the upcoming device. It is announced that ZTE’s upcoming grand x2 is coming with Advance Intel’s Atom Z2580 processor and the most high quality camera ZTE has ever offered.
Specifications till now revealed shows that the device will contain good specifications at low price compatible to Samsung’s smart phones. Expected features that this smart phone may be offering include:

• 1280 x 720 pixels with 4.5 inch HD display

• 1 GB of RAM with x86 architecture and 2GHz Intel dual-core processor.

• 8MP full HD camera with 1MP front facing camera

• 8GB of internal memory which is expandable via micro SD card slot.

So these are some specifications which are revealed by ZTE. Along with these it is said that the device will contain Android jellybean (version of jellybean is still unknown) and a great battery capacity of 2,100mAh which is good as compared with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 1, Galaxy Note 2 and galaxy S series. This device will be equipped with advance camera and according to the official news some of the other features will be Shutter lag shoot, video shoot of full HD with 24 frames per second, blur free shots even in tough environment with 2x axis stabilization.

The availability of the device is totally depended on Company and cellular networks. According to ZTE, this device will be first available in Europe in Q3 2013. ZTE is excited much more than its customers to launch the new Grand X2 Smartphone because this time the company is expecting huge sales along with positive reviews on this device, as ZTE France Corporation said: “We are proud to announce the ZTE Grand X2 In smartphone pursuing our multi-year strategic collaboration with Intel. The ZTE Grand X2 In is set to build on the success of the ZTE Grand X In, our first flagship smartphone in Europe to feature Intel Inside, and further increase ZTE’s growth in the high-performance smartphone market segment.”-William Chhao, Terminal Director, ZTE France.

So after knowing about all the details and news revealed till now about this upcoming ZTE Grand X2 smartphone, we come to the conclusion that this ZTE’s new product is more likely to give the company a strong position in today’s competition in the world of technology. If the features till now revealed are maintained and this device is launched with maximum quality, it will for sure attract positive reviews. Furthermore, this possible success can reward ZTE with popularity in the manufacturers of mobile phones and a strong trust of a large number of people who are always eager to enjoy the latest gadgets.

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