Top spec smartphones for gaming

Smartphone capabilities are increasing all the time, and these days people work, read, listen to music and play games on their smartphones. These are three particularly strong ones for playing games on – either things like Glowfish HD or Seize Your Glory with their high-level graphics, or a simple game of roulette at your favourite mobile casino.

smartphones for gaming

HTC One (M8)

This phone, which you can buy for around £480, has a lot of great gaming specs – but it is actually the build that gives it a further edge. It’s made from aluminium, rather than a material like plastic, which means the heat generated through use dissipates a lot more. If you are playing in-depth action games like Seize Your Glory or engaged in a round of poker, this could prove decidedly more comfortable on your hand! The downside to this is that the aluminium makes it heavier than average, at 160g, but you can’t have everything. The HTC One (M8) also has gold-standard 1080 x 1920 resolution on the 5-inch display, the brilliant Adreno 330 graphics chip and superb stereo speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

You won’t find many bigger smartphone screens than the 5.7-inch one offered with this Samsung – although the £599 price is rather eye-watering. There is also the potential to get up to 64GB storage with this phone, compared with the 32GB max offered by the HTC One, and there is also 3GB RAM. The Super AMOLED display has the same resolution levels as the HTC phone, plus pixel density of 386-ppi – and you also get the same superb Adreno 330 GPU. Main processor is a quad-core Krait 400 model with 2.3 GHz, making this a phone equally suited to quick games like online slot machines and Dots, or an evening devoted to something like Avengers Initiative.

Apple iPhone 5S

This is definitely the best Apple smartphone for gaming on, thanks primarily to its really impressive 64-bit processing chip. What this gives you is the sort of gaming performance you would normally expect on something like a desktop computer – although on the downside you may find the detailed graphics of the Avengers game or Glowfish HD a bit cramped on the 4-inch screen. Clarity levels aren’t quite the equal of the two Android smartphones either, with a 640 x 1136 resolution and 326-ppi pixel density. This means there are high quality HD games for iOS, but they don’t look quite as good as they would on Android. It’s also another expensive choice, at £549, but the light 112g build makes it comfortable to hold for gaming.

These three phones all have some top gaming specs to offer, but arguably the Samsung is the one that puts the most together in a single phone.

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