Top 7 android apps for Kids safety

Top 7  android apps for Kids safetyToday world is insecure and we want the safety of our family. We hearing the news of child missing daily and we really get scared. Children safety is our first and foremost priority. Today data plans are very economical and therefore through Smartphone GPS we can get in touch with our children. Companies have launched many apps for kids safety. Now we will discuss the apps for kids safety:-

Family GPS Tracker – Family GPS tracker app will make your life easy and secure. It will track your family member and will give the information about the location of your family member. This app is useful for Kids security because with this app we can easily track our child location. You just need to open the app and a map will show you the pictures of your family members with their locations. In case of emergency, you will get alert from the family member.

Sprint Family Locator – Sprint family location is the GPS based locator and you can easily download from the Google play store. You just need to download the application and signup. This app has the capability to automatically locate the family member using interactive map and will send you alert text message if your member of the family is not in place where you expect them to be. This one is good for kids safety and to get in touch with your kids through GPS.

FBI Child ID App – This FBI child ID app is developed by FBI for safety of children. This app will help parents to keep their children photos and their portfolios on your Smartphone and you can easily forward the details of your children to FBI in case your child goes missing. This app is also advices the parents for their child safety.

Sygic Family – Sygic family app will help you track your children location and battery level of your family members Smartphones. You can easily be in touch with your children and get information about your children where about. This app has the facility of sending messages free of cost. You can also set the safe and unsafe zones for their children and regularly send the message when they entering and leaving the zone.

Life360 – Life360 app is somehow similar to Sygic family app. You can easily check the location of your family member through GPS and will get alert in case of emergency with emergency number of hospitals, police stations. You can use this app without Smartphone in your mobile phone at RM4.99 per month but in US only. It is not only for monitoring but it acts like a communication tool to bring the family together.

-This is one of the app for children safety. This app has the feature to keep watch on your children Facebook profile and you will get alert if your children are using any crude language. This app will also track your children location and even the speed of the vehicle.

Google Latitude – It is a tracking tool to keep a track of your family members through map. You just need to sign and add your family members via Gmail address. When they accept your request then you can see their location via Google interactive maps.

Conclusion:- Safety of our family is our priority in our life and we should use the Android phone with the above apps for family security. Children safety is very important and we should be in touch with our children through Smartphone apps and GPS.

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