Top 10 office apps for android

Top 10 office apps for androidAndroid phones have become very productive tool for our life because you find many apps for your office work. When you are travelling, you can get the work done through office apps in your android phone. Now we will discuss the office apps for your android phones.
Google Docs – Google has recently launched Google docs app for android phones. The benefit of this app is the integration with your contact list for file sharing and it uses Android phone camera for scanning the document.

Quick Office Pro
– Quick office pro is the bundle of office pro and you can easily read and edit the files through this app when you are out of the town. It also giving the facility of working with powerpoint. However, this Quick Office Pro is expensive and its cost is $14.99. Till now it has installed in 400 million android phones. It is in demand because it is compatible with MS office documents.

Documents to Go – This app is for the android users where you will get the free reader version of word files including Pdf files. If you buy full version of this app then you will get the facility of editing the word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is not as good as other editing apps but still it is in use because of less expensive.

Olive Office Premium -Olive Office Premium is a free app and very useful for reading the office docs on Android phones. This app supports tables, graphs, images, and charts which is very helpful for business professional. This app supports word, excel and PowerPoint and even doc saved in pdf format.

Kingsoft Office 5.3.4 -This app was updated in March 8 2013 and it supports 23 file types such as DOC, DOCX, TXT, Xls, PPT, PPTX, PDF etc. You can easily edit the document in web and page layout. It also have features like printing, spell check, tables, alignment, charts, etc. It also supports USB and WI FI.

OpenOffice Document Reader – Thomas Taschauer has developed this app. This app is very helpful for reading ODS and ODT files on your Android phone and it is free to download. It lacks in editing and formatting of images.

SwiftKey X – This app is an extra Android keyboard for official work. This not only analyze your typing but also memorizing whatever you write. It has the features of rewriting the previous sentence again. It has the ability to recover the lost copy.

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer – ThinkFree is one of the biggest provider of office apps and it is free and preloaded on the Android phones. The free version will provide you the reading facility and paid version will give you the facility of editing document also.

Picsel Smart Office – Smart Office is the paid app and it is world first stereo 3D document viewing. It supports the MS office 2007 to 2010 and has a custom clipboard.

OfficeDrop – OfficeDrop is another app for scanning and reading the document. You can easily access and manage your scanned documents. When you scanned the document through your Android phone then it would be converted to PDF format and organize in proper manner in apps.

Conclusion:- You will find many free apps in the market but the full version app is the paid one. In my opinion if you are business personal and want to use for business purposes then you should buy the app because it will help you a lot with different features. In the free apps you will not get all features.

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