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Top 10 GPS Navigation Apps for iPhone | Techie Mode

Top 10 GPS Navigation Apps for iPhone

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One of the biggest advantages of having an iPhone is the ability to get extremely accurate GPS navigation.  It is hard to decide which one application you should buy/download from a huge number apps available on iTunes app store. The navigation apps either save the map on the phones memory or they load the map from Internet while you travel.

Here is a rundown of the ten best GPS navigation applications that are available on the app store.

Top 10 GPS Navigation Apps for iPhone

TomTom US & Canada ($45.99)

TomTom downloads 1.4GB worth of maps on your device and has a variety of useful features.  It comes with HD Traffic, on board maps, Free updates, automatic music fading among others.

AT&T Navigator (Subscription based)

This app comes with a subscription based model.  You can download the app for free but you’ll need to pay $9.99 per month to be able to use it. There is also an option for Annual subscription which costs $69.99. The AT&T Navigator’s main features include spoken commands, iPod control integrated, traffic detection and free map updates. Unfortunately this app is only available to the carriers’ users.

TeleNav GPS Plus ($2.99 monthly or $9.99 yearly)

GPS Plus by TeleNav is a trusted brand name in GPS navigation. GPS Plus is a powerful app that provides turn by turn navigation with spoken street name. Its other main features include gas price finder and traffic detection/avoidance.

Waze GPS & Traffic (free)

Waze has a social network feel to it. It provides accurate information based on users input. It shows how fast you are going and alerts you about traffic jams based on live updates by users.

Google Maps for iPhone (free)

Google Maps is one the most popular navigation software avaiable. It has accurate turn by turn voice navigation, 360 degree street view and has the option to discover new places. It has over 200 countries’ maps in its database and it shows accurate results in a easy to use format.

Verizon VZ Navigator ($4.99 monthly subscription fee)

Verizon’s VZ Navigator is available to only the subscribers of Version Wireless. It comes with a few interesting features, such as 3D virtual city, gas price search, speech recognition input and Facebook integration.

Navigon USA ($49.99)

Navigon provides on board maps for USA. This app comes with a hefty price tag of $49.99. It will charge you $19.99 extra if you want traffic detection and avoidance feature enabled. The user interface shows the user turn by turn navigation and live weather updates.

MotionX GPS Drive ($0.99)

MotionX is a great app if you want powerful features in an affordable price. MotionX provides features such as free updates, ability to cache routes, ability to share your location via email and address book integration. But there is a catch, this app costs $0.99 per year for the version without voice guidance. For voice guidance the price goes to $9.99.

Magellan RoadMate USA ($49.99)

Magellan RoadMate is a relatively expensive app. However it provides a wealth of great features, such as 1.2 GB of onboard maps, Yelp integration, highway lane assist and in-app music control.

MapQuest 4 Mobile (free)

MapQuest is a free app that is available in full version. It requires Internet to in order to show the map data. The app itself is only 5.5MB big. MapQuest is a user friendly app with top notch live traffic updates. The traffic updates are refreshed every 5 minutes so that the information is accurate and reliable.

You can choose any of these apps depending on your budget and usage. For standard features, apps like Google Maps and MapQuest are great choices. For more options Navigon and Waze can be great options. If you do not have a great Internet connection you might want to spend some more and buy an app with onboard maps.

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