Top 10 Calorie counting and diet tracking apps for iPhone

Top 10 Calorie counting and diet tracking apps for iPhoneCan iPhone help me get slim? Of course it can! There are quite a few interesting iPhone apps that can help you shed some pounds, eat healthy or just stay in shape. No matter what you eat, from New Delhi’s Gulab Jaman to New York’s Roasters coffee, everything gets accounted for, and you know exactly where you stand on calorie or nutrition chart.

Here’s a list of top ten apps.

Lose it!

It creates goals, and daily calorie-budget. Shows the number of calories in a particular food item, and then tells how much exercise is required to burn these calories. It works offline too. It has a huge database of general food items, as well as branded food. It’s the best app if you tend to eat American name-brand foods; but for users who like home food and international food, it’s MyFitnessPal!
Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

It has a simple design and interface, which makes calorie counting very easy. Has the biggest database of food items which includes American name-brand foods and homemade dishes from across the globe. An interesting feature is, you can connect with friends; this creates a peer-pressure that helps losing weight. Have an integrated website and a scanner to scan food-items too. For me, it’s an all-in-one app!


Rich with features, this app not only keeps calorie count, but also tracks your exercise, body measurement, blood pressure, sleep, vitamins/medications, daily steps, water intake, and more. It also has an online community where users can have discussions. They claim, “You’ve got nothing to lose, but that extra weight”.

Restaurant Nutrition

Great app when you are dining out. Has over 250 restaurants and more than 6000 food items. This app lists information on dishes from protein, fat, fiber and carbs; informs about food allergens and discovers gluten-free food items. But it has more relevance in US than anywhere else.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

A nice application, having almost all the features which other apps have, like a food diary, barcode scanner, exercise diary, diet calendar, weight tracker, recipes and meal ideas. Its diary is pretty good to keep track for months, but overall the app is not as mature as the other few.

DailyBurn Tracker

This is an app that doesn’t just count calories and track diet, but also offers world-class training plans. It is fully back up by their online community site which offers great health solutions, and helps you make and achieve health goals.


It’s a magical app that lets you take photo of the food you want to eat, and tells you it’s calorie count and nutritional content! Although it’s not very accurate, and gives just an estimate; but it still is a fun application which is extremely easy to use.

Calorie Tracker by LiveStrong

Nice app from LiveStrong, a well reputed brand. This app has a huge database of food items, and fitness routines. It’s a companion tool to MyPlate online. Has quite a big user base. This app has a few uses, but they are getting fixed.


This app offers an innovative calorie count method, which is supposed to be better than the earlier methods. It gives a range rather than exact calorie count, and is more useful when trying to lose a lot of weight rather than just a few pounds. Worth a try!

The Eatry

This app requires you to take a photo of what you eat, and rate it from fit to fat. This picture becomes, anonymously, visible to other Eatry users who also rate it, and that gives you an idea whether you’re eating healthy or not. Each week, you’re diet is reviewed by Eatry and you’re informed.

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