Top 10 browsers for Android smartphones of the main advantages of using a smartphone is that you can instantly get connected to the Internet using the compatible browser. You can search for any information as well as perform other tasks such as shopping online, making money transfers, download apps, and lots more. However, there are many browsers available in the Android market and each one competes with the other.

Let us find out the top 10 browsers for Android smartphones.

1. Google Chrome

This desktop browser version which is compatible with the Android smartphone has a lot to offer you. With user friendly interface and decent speed, this browser lets you access most websites easily and quickly. Moreover, the tab browsing feature allows you to easily navigate within the tabs; all you need to do is swipe the edges of your screen.

2. Mozilla Firefox

This browser provides the comfort of browsing just like the desktop version. The Mozila Firefox for the Android smartphone lets you surf the internet at high speed as well as promises to protect your valuable data while browsing. With the integrated Addons, this browser provides the freedom of blocking ads on web pages and lets you download videos from YouTube easily.

3. Dolphin Browser

This user friendly browser features a simple interface and provides a full screen option that lets you view websites on full screen. Another great feature of this browser is that it remains active in the background, eliminating the need of refreshing the page again and again.

4. Opera Mobile

This smooth and user friendly browser lets you access various websites easily. Moreover, with the save the MB feature, you can save your bandwidth space and make the experience of browsing websites at faster rate.

5. Skyfire Web Browser

With the Skyfire Web Browser, you can seamlessly access flash supported videos. In addition, you can use the Feedreader feature to add your favourite website’s atom feed. Stay updated with the latest news and get instant information on sports, thanks to the dedicated Sports, News & finance buttons.

6. Opera Mini

People looking out for fast loading pages can check out the Opera Mini browser. Its unique compression feature reduces the loading time, enabling you to browse websites much speedily.

7. NetFront Life Browser

With the intuitive interface, NetFront Lite browser lets you easily navigate through open web pages. The interesting feature of this browser is that displays bookmarks and browsing history in a 3D format just like the way you would do for flipping folders in a filing cabinet.

8. Ninesky Browser

The tab arrangement is simply amazing with this browser. All the tabs are well organized on top so that you can easily jump on any tab and get your desired web page.

9. xScope Browser

With this version, you can easily navigate through various web pages using the thumbnails. The tabs are well designed sporting attractive colors and shape.

10.Boat Browser

This user-friendly browser with enticing interface allows you to smoothly browse through web pages. What’s more, you can use the pop-up menu to customize the options that you wish to be there.

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