Top 10 2 Terabyte affordable external hard drives in India

If you wish to take with you considerably more data as compared to a USB thumb drive can deal with, an easily transportable hard disk drive is the best solution. Here are few good and affordable 2 Tb external hard drives that made it to the top of the list among all others.

Top 10 2 Terabyte affordable external hard drives in India

10. Iomega Prestige

Prestige is pretty good looking, with brushed-metal finishing. It is small in size but costs a bit extra. The USB wire bears a good black finish and is quite flexible. The overall performance is merely the just like all the others with few milliseconds on the arbitrary access speeds.

9. Lacie Hard Disk Max Quadra

The LaCie’s big black box actually consists of two 1 TB drives. The disk has a switch which changes between RAID 0 and 1. By this, either you will be able to write fast or copy fast. The pro feature of the disk is that it does not dig around BIOS to set up.

8. Western Digital My Book Elite

The main feature of the Disk is its digital indicator. The indicator helps us to see the amount of space left and also the types of files present on the disk. The disk performs a bit poorly at the time of copying and lacks USB 3.0 but everything else is pretty good about the disk.

7. Verbatim External Hard Drive

Verbatim Hard Drive comes preformatted in FAT 32 system as it only allows the maximum file size to be transferred to be 4 GB only. It can be easily reformatted to NTFS system and performs extremely well.

6. Seagate FreeAgent Desk

The disk comes with a brushed metal finishing and very thin design. Performance wise it is similar to other devices that works on USB 2.0. One drawback of the drive is that it is unnecessarily huge.

5. Freecom Hard Drive

Freecom hard disk is comparatively smaller but still needs a large amount of power to operate which we need to carry along with it. It has a lovely solid rubber coating which make it strong enough to handle any physical shock. The hard drive is also USB 3.0 enabled and has impressive performance.

4. Western Digital RE4

The quality of Western Digital RE4 is unquestionably unmatched. The price it offers you is a little bit greater than the rest but, definitely deserving to its extra high quality. If you wish to maintain your files secure or simply thinking to create a swift Network Attached System, the WD RE4 is certainly a smart choice.

3. Western Digital Red 2TB NAS

Western Digital Red 2TB NAS is highly dependable disk drive capable of 24×7 performance with outstanding enterprise quality. But because of its slow spindle speed it is not used where quick server is needed. It simply excels in its coolness, quietness, power saving and is really inexpensive.

2. Western Digital Caviar WD20EZRX

We are happy with the drives functionality in a big file transfer; however it shows little bit sluggishness in a smaller file transfer because of its lesser spindle speed. The drive has a very convenient price. In case you’re yearning for a cool, quiet, reliable and energy saver back up disk drive you can’t get it wrong with it.

1. Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001

The Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2TB is amongst the quickest 2TB hard disk available which entirely works with Advanced Format 4K as well as the DiscWizzard. But just what makes you an actual winner is the cost it offers which is exceptionally too low to ignore.

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