Tmart Bluetooth Headset – Pipe Shape D985 Bluetooth Headset


Tmart Bluetooth Headsets is a great online retailer website, offering unique and durable electronics at dirt cheap prices, and also offering free worldwide shipping! Tmart Bluetooth headsets made their way into their market and also started to dominate around, because of their amazing voice quality, uniqueness in the designs, and the durability, and the flawless customer support from Tmart staff. The Pipe shaped D985 Bluetooth headset from Tmart is also one of the great Bluetooth headsets, and has such a cool and funky design, and the voice quality being marvelous. Solving the problem of good headsets being generally uncomfortable to the ear, this resource to be the best Bluetooth headset I ever owned.

At this mere price of $11.98, I got a great Bluetooth headset that is offering me crisp sound quality, a unique design giving me a unique style statement, and a lot of convenience!

Whenever I am into sports, like riding bicycles, or running, I just hook up this to my ear, and let the music play, or attend important calls saving me time and effort in workouts! And, it becomes such a sweet thing to be driving without the risk of getting booked by the cops.

This headset is compatible with all the Bluetooth mobile phones, may it be your Android device, blackberry device, etc. The one and only con about this product is the unavailability of a volume controller. You have to use your phone again and again to adjust the volumes according to your use. Many other TMart Bluetooth headsets have this feature integrated, but this one misses it.

The button used to answer/ cancel calls/ pause the music, is easy to access, and while you are driving, it won’t be a problem in locating it around your ear. The headset fits well in almost all ear sizes, which is also a great point for you to not resist in buying it!

Talking about the battery backup and charging time, it takes merely 2 hours to charge this headset, to 100%, in which, it will offer you talk time up to 7 hours, which is a great talk time according to other Bluetooth headsets statistics and claims. You can order this on, and even if you want a particular type of charger according to your locality/nation, you can choose that free of cost too.

Whether you are driving, working at your office, or in a business meeting, this is the product to own to solve your problem of not attending a particular call because of your own situation. Great voice quality, design, and amazing battery life! A must buy product, highly recommended!

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