The Three Best Racing Games out Now

If you’re a true racing gamer like me, you’ll know all of the games I’m about to recommend. But if you are just a car lover and are looking for a game to play, then I hope I can be of assistance. Obviously this is a subjective list, but I’m confident these three games would also be on lots of other gamers’ lists.

Auto Club Revolution

I mention this one first because it’s a free car game initially, with the opportunity for the really keen players to purchase the bigger, faster, better cars later. The game is a true racing simulation, as the graphics and physics are closer to real life that anything I’ve ever played. With this game, you can also buy a massive range of cars that are maybe not long out in the real world. This means that, if you like a new car and want to take it out for a test drive, there’s a good chance that Auto Club have updated their garage and you can take it out for a virtual spin. This is a very cheap way for any car addict to try out some amazing new cars.


Need For Speed

Need For Speed Racing gameThere are countless Need for Speed games, and there’s a very good reason for this: they are shedloads of fun. Less realistic that Auto Club revolution, the latest Need For Speed (called NFS: Most Wanted – read the IGN review here) is all about hitting ludicrous speeds whilst getting chased by the police. This might sound a little silly, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun – and nothing makes you drive faster than when you have the fuzz coming up behind you. It’s a brilliant, pickup-and-play racing game for when you just need to go fast.


Gran Turismo 5

Although it’s been out since 2010, it’s still incredible and well worth a play. With a lot of emphasis on fixing up your cars, Gran Turismo 5 draws on the successful aspects of its ancestors while providing improved graphics, gameplay and game-physics. The amount of different cars is staggering, and you can tinker with and perfect almost all of their engines. This is the perfect racing game for players who would rather race against the computer and don’t like the idea of racing online. It still has an online feature, but there is less emphasis on it in-game. The only thing and maybe holds Grand Turismo 5 back compared with Auto Club Revolution is that it’s over two years old, and, despite the odd downloadable extra features, they won’t be able to keep up until they bring out Gran Turismo 6, which is rumoured to come out later in 2013 (so keep your eyes peeled).

There you have it: my top racing games. I hope you’ll give at least one of them a go. Good luck in the big race.

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