The Thinnest Smartphone in the world – Umex X5

The smartphone companies are at a competition now, to make smartphones slimmer than the rival. This indeed is not an easier competition to win, but not impossible at the same time. Electrical engineering is improving every single day and as a result, the transistors are smaller than they ever were. As the parts inside the phones are getting smaller, the dimension of the phones is reducing as well – it’s as easy as that. So, in this wild run of slimness – who is the winner?

For many days, the slimmest smartphone of the world award was under Huawei’s possession. Their Ascend P6 smartphone was called to be the slimmest smartphone of the world. But not anymore, this possession has now taken over by another Chinese smartphone, named Umex X5.

It’s only been some few weeks since the Ascend P6 was released in the market. Rather than being the thinnest phone of the world, it now won’t anymore be happy to know that Umex X5 has also recently hit the market. The Ascend P6 itself is very slim, only 6.18 mm but the Umex X5 is way slimmer. It’s only 5.6 mm, unbelievable slim! You may even forget that you have a phone in your pocket. The battle between these two Chinese smartphones is actually interesting.

But Huawei actually doesn’t have to worry about the configuration of this phone that much. Because in terms of better configuration, the Huawei Ascend P6 is still a winner because of superior performance! Umex X5 might be the thinnest smartphone of the world but it actually won’t be the ultimate performer as it has a comparatively lower configuration.

Speaking of the configuration, this phone has a bigger display of 5.3 inch. Like many other smartphones of these days, this screen size is a common one amidst the crowd. Especially those who want to buy a bigger phone but not a tablet with 3G would really prefer buying this one. This phone clearly falls under the phablet category and it’s a pretty good one! However, the phone has a MediaTek A9 processor underneath its slimmest casing. This phone is also backed up with a good amount of RAM, 1 GB of it; which means allowing more background application to run and more multitasking ability, providing you a very smooth performance. The internal memory is 4GB, which is pretty enough to hold your apps and personal data. You have the freedom to expand the memory using the microSD card slot, for your entertainment and other necessary files.

The phone runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 like many newer phones in the market. The dual cameras allow you to shoot photos and do video conversation at ease. The rear camera is 8 MP and the front camera is 3 MP, pretty good resolution for ordinary use. The sound engine will also impress you for sure; it has DTS Premium Sound engine built in.

And all these runs on a 2700 mAh battery, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice at all. Heavier usage might shorten the battery life a bit.

This phone is now available at Chinese market for 1588 RMB which is equivalent to US$ 258.

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