The 10 Definitive iPhone Games for 2013

Mobile gaming has exploded in popularity thanks to Angry Birds becoming a phenomenon. If a developer could get rich because of a simple game app on iPhone then so could other developers. This in addition to the mobile market in general soon overtaking desktop computing has equated to better and better games year after year. This year was gaming’s best yet, so without further ado this is the 10 definitive iPhone games for 2013.

1.Touchgrind — For those who can’t get enough of skating comes the app that allows you to skate with your fingers. If you’re familiar with tech deck then you’ll love this: touchgrind is an app created by Illusion Labs that gives you control of a skateboard in a skatepark and allows you to explore and do tricks with various movements of your fingers. There are several different modes and plenty of sick deck designs to choose from.

2.Head Soccer — A popular head-to-head game where players can choose different characters with extremely large heads to try and score in the opposing player’s goal. This game is reminiscent of the old game Pong where you must block the other player’s shot and try and score one of your own. Animations, powerups, and different characters make this game unique.

3.Rail Maze — This fun puzzle game has you changing the direction of various railroads to allow your train to arrive at the “Finish” station. It’s free and will give you plenty of challenging designs to navigate.

4.Deer Hunter Reloaded — A first-person shooter with surprisingly good graphics, this game gives you plenty of customization options so you can go out and shoot some wild animals. The ambience and movement of the rifle makes this game more than just a point and click shooter.

5.Bridge Constructor — A strategy game where you build bridges for cars and trucks to cross. Select the shape of your bridge and make sure not to go over budget in order to maximize your earned points.

6.Pool — This game is an excellent simulator of pool and lots of fun. While you will still need to go out and practice your pool shots to actually get good, this game will give you a good background of the fundamentals.

7.Bubble — If you like Tetris then you’ll like Bubble. This game stacks round multi-colored balls on top of each other with the aim of matching two or more like colored balls. As you match a greater number of balls your points and odds of advancing increase.

8.Mahjong — This ancient Chinese game is all about matching. Typically you play with 4 players and object is to be the one who matches the most tiles together.

9.Piperoll — Similar to Rail Maze, this game has you manipulating pipes instead of rail to get water where it needs to go.

10.Full Deck Solitaire — This game adds some new features to the classic solo game Solitaire. With hints and feedback, learning and mastering this game got a lot easier.


There are plenty of games out there for you to download on you iPhone. This list is some of the best, but there are tons and tons of awesome ones out there.

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