Proposed Akash IV Specs

Akash has portrait itself as the world’s cheapest tablet for students. It shook the whole world with its cheap price at the time of dueling wars between Apple and Samsung. Now, the time has long gone and Akash introduced its latest version. There were plenty of excitements going around with the unveiling of the latest version but from what we’ve seen upon the release, we’re pretty disappointed with it. We couldn’t even believe that the Akash 4 doesn’t have built-in cellular activity and phone-call capability.

Government proposed 4G support with Akash 4 but eventually we’ve seen you need to plug in an OTG cable and a dongle to get it to work. But, the idea is pretty backdated as most of the cables now-a-days have a built-in function for cellular data whereas Akash failed to grasp hold of the cheap market of India. Let’s discuss more on the bright side of Akash 4.


Akash is not a play-thing for any kid. It has seen many improvements on its specification since its predecessor Akash 2. The previous Akash tablet was equipped with 512 MB RAM whereas the new version comes with 1 GB RAM with internal flash storage capability up to 4 GB. It also supports micro-SD card slots by which you can upgrade its storage up to 32GB depending on your requirements. According to the websites of MHRD and DeitY, Akash IV will sport the same Antutu Benchmark score of 3537 which is near Nexus 7. The proposed specification hasn’t said anything about its CPU and GPU. Nonetheless to say that it’ll require Dual-core processor which now equals the price of Single Core Cortex A9 chips? The proposed model signifies to put more pressure on its price while the specs can vary according to its needs.

It comes with an external USB port which is pretty backdated concept as well. We’ve reviewed quite a number of reasons behind it. An USB port consumes pretty much energy and power. OTG cables require more power and the concept of using OTG cables isn’t recommended since plugging in an extra cable sounds pretty disappointing. But, with this support, you can attach the cool features of mouse, keyboard, USB hub, popular 2G/3G/4G data connectivity with USB Dongles, USB printers etc.

Display & Battery
The Akash IV will feature a 7-inch LCD display which is pretty standard around the tablet market with the multi-touch capacitive screen with 5 point touch. It will come with 800 x 480 resolution as well as 16 bit color depth. It’ll provide 3 hours of video playback at 720p videos played online, at least 5 hours of web browsing and constantly e-book reading for 6 hours. It should be able to provide 4000 mAh battery.


The camera is pretty disappointing since it’ll carry a front-facing camera with 0.3 megapixels but there’s no mention of rear camera. There’s only 3-Axis Accelerometer sensor in Akash IV and it’ll feature 4 physical buttons with Android Jelly Bean operating system. There’s no price detail on the websites but we’re assuming it will be around Rs. 4,999 in the Indian market.

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