10 iOS Apps For Competitive Gamers

The app games market is absolutely packed with options, to the point that there’s something for everybody. There are simple arcade games, racing experiences, puzzles, and brainteasers. And then there are adventure games, shooters, and sports games whose graphics approach those of console devices. But some of the best and most popular games remain those that take advantage of the mobile aspect of app gaming by connecting users from all over the world. So here are ten of the best app options for competitive gamers.

 10 iOS Apps For Competitive Gamers

1. High Noon

A brilliant app from Happy Latte games, High Noon is essentially a quick draw shooter experience. Matched up against real players from anywhere in the world, your job is to “holster” your smartphone, then draw, locate your opponent on the screen, and fire. It’s designed as an old west shootout, and the more you win, the more you can upgrade your own character and equipment. The app is free on iOS devices.

2. Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles is one of the few popular tower defense games that offers a mobile multiplayer option. In Battles, your job is to defend your side of the screen more effectively than your opponent. Specifically, you use monkeys to stop balloons from zipping along a track. The app is free on iOS devices.

3. Stampede Run

This game received mysteriously little attention compared to other multiplayer games. In Stampede Run, your job is to sprint through the streets of Spain, avoiding bulls and other obstacles and outpacing your opponent. The app is free on iOS devices.

4. Catan

For those familiar with the board game Settlers Of Catan, this is likely a favorite already. Essentially, the Catan app is a complex, political and combat strategy game that is played over time with up to four players in a game. The app is $4.99 on iOS devices.

5. Words With Friends

Arguably the most famous multiplayer app gaming experience, Words With Friends remains one of the best options in any app market. Basically, it’s Scrabble with a slightly different board, played online against friends or strangers. The app is free on iOS devices.

6. Krazy Kart Racing

Unmistakably modeled after Nintendo’s famous Mario Kart franchise, Krazy Kart Racing offers a goofy, fast-paced multiplayer racing experience. The app is $0.99 on iOS devices.

7. Poker In Play

The Poker In Play app brings the online experience of poker at Betfair to app gamers, with real money capability (where legal) and a bit of a twist. The game has you bet on which hand will win the pot in a poker game, rather than betting chips by round and trying to win yourself. The app is free on iOS devices.

8. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

For those who enjoy console multiplayer shooting experiences, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is a must-have app. You can compete online with up to 10 players, with high quality graphics and great shooting action in military scenarios. The app is $6.99 on iOS devices.

9. Homerun Battle 3D

Homerun Battle 3D is perfect for sports fans, though it also plays a bit like a sort of old school arcade experience. Essentially, it’s a point and click baseball game in which you try to best your opponents in a homerun derby format. The app is $0.99 on iOS devices.

10. Street Fighter IV Volt

This game truly captures the excitement of the Capcom franchise Street Fighter for mobile devices. With popular characters and familiar match-ups, Street Fighter IV Volt is an exceptional experience for anyone who’s ever been a fan of the franchise—or simply someone looking for a great new gaming app! The app is $4.99 on iOS devices.

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