HP ProBook 400 Series Notebooks: Review

Are you looking to buy a laptop for your business purpose? Well, in that case, the laptops and notebooks from HP will be a better option for you. HP has always provided unique laptops and notebooks with good qualities at an affordable price. The company is now set to release a new series of notebooks for business purposes. The new HP ProBook Series Notebooks will be a perfect choice for you to use in your business field.

The New ProBook 400 Series

HP ProBook 400 Series Notebooks: Review

The whole new ProBook series will be available in some different sizes,  the screen size will range from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches, you can get the models available in 14 inch and 15.6 inch as well. This series is different from the other business notebooks from HP. It is claimed that the notebooks of the HP 400 Series are 18% lighter and 36% thinner than its predecessor. So, these models are very much portable and you can carry them easily with you.

Well, it can be easily said that you will get a stylish laptop if you buy any model from this series. Because they are made Aluminium accents, and the casing will be a Meteorite Grey type. They have a complete lid finishing, it will give you a comfortable when you will touch on them. It resists the finger spots as well.

The upcoming HP ProBook 400 series notebooks will support the brand new Intel’s Haswell processor. Well, this is the only model available that can run this processor. Moreover, you transfer it to third generation Intel core i5 or AMD processor.

According to the confirmation from HP, the notebooks of 400 series had a reliability testing for more than 115,000 hours. All the models of this series will be packed with removable batteries, so you will be able to change them if needed. You can also upgrade the hard drives and RAM through an easy process. They will also include security essentials by Microsoft and a fingerprint reader.


HP ProBook 400 Series Notebooks: Review

One of the most powerful parts of HP Probook 400 series notebooks is the styling of them. The cutting edge look of these models will give you an extra comfortable feeling, and will make desk attractive to all. Well, the performance of HP Probook 400 will also give you a comfortable like the designing. The elegantly slim device can fit on your desk pretty easily.

You can make video conferences with the webcam, it has a faster data transfer speed than most other models. You can also transfer data from the USB drive at a good speed.

Extra Facilities

HP ProBook 400 Series Notebooks: Review

The built in security system of HP Probook 400 will keep you free from Hackings, it will work against the internet viruses as well. It will automatically alert you to any unauthorized changes. There is also a BIOS protection software, it works against virus threats and reduces the downtime. You don’t have to remember all the passwords of your several, you can save them and then create a master password for them


The HP Probook 400series is going to be a tough candidate in the laptop market , the price range will be near $400 and it is available from the 1st week of May, 2013.

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