Great Gaming Experience with Advanced Consoles

 A lot of people love to play video games. Video game consoles can enhance our amusement of gaming experience. Some good branded consoles are on the top of the fame for a long time.


Have a Great Gaming Experience with Advanced Consoles

This is probably the best video game console ever. There are many competitors of this veteran video game console. But still it managed to hold on to the top spot. It was released in later parts of the year 2011. The previous version of this great video game console by Sony was PS2 (PlayStation 2). The new great feature in this console is the Blu-ray player which is inbuilt in it and swapped between the gaming platforms along with media suit. Costing $299, you can purchase one of these.


Xbox 360

Have a Great Gaming Experience with Advanced Consoles

Xbox 360 is the only gaming console which can compete with PS3 equally. It was brought into limelight by Microsoft. The latest model of this console has mainly focused on a slimmer design. With the purchase of each Xbox 360, you get a good number of famous video games like Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead, Halo series and many more. There are different models of Xbox 360 gaming console containing different prices. The price of Xbox 360 of 250 GB is $299.99.

Nintendo Wii

Have a Great Gaming Experience with Advanced Consoles

Once, Nintendo was the most famous gaming console. But with the arrival of PS series and Xbox, this gaming console’s popularity has been reduced. Still Nintendo Wii has gained some positive feedback and reputation among the game lovers. The multimedia and power features of Nintendo Wii is not as good as Xbox or PS. But the important thing is, it is more affordable than those two game consoles. You will get some free games with the purchase of your Nintendo Wii copy. There are some notable names in the free games like Mario Kart, Wii sports, Brothers Brawl Smash and many more. As we said, the price of $129.65 is exceptionally low.

PlayStation Vita

Have a Great Gaming Experience with Advanced Consoles

Handheld game consoles are liked by many of us. The persons, who like to play games whenever they want in any places, are very fond of handheld consoles. Sony has brought PlayStation Vita realizing the craze for handheld consoles. Using this game console, you will be able to do some other good things apart from only gaming such as listening music, watching movies and browse internet. Powerful graphics, analog design of sticks, touch screen and Wi-Fi connection have increased the value of this gaming console. The average price of PlayStation Vita is $209.99.

Nintendo 3DS

Have a Great Gaming Experience with Advanced Consoles

The very first game console that is portable, is Nintendo 3DS. Undoubtedly, this is the best of all handheld game consoles. When we were kids, Nintendo consoles were the best gifts for us. Even in this era, the kids are very fond of playing games in Nintendo 3DS. It has proved that only simplicity can bring a lot of fame. The price is also very low that is another added value. $199.99 is required to buy one.

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