Google Chrome vs Firefox -Which is better

Google Chrome vs FirefoxBeing an Internet user, you must be familiar with the  Google Chrome and Firefox. These both are the best Internet browsers till date. Not only the feature set, but a huge user base for both of the browsers make them to hold the tag of Best Internet Browsers. Though both these beat badly any other browser like Internet Explorer and Safari, but which one is the best out of these two? As an Internet user, this question might had hit your mind. Right? If this is so, then make sure to read this article ahead as I am up with comparison among both these Internet Browsers giants. Let’s proceed ahead.


This is the first point that one looks for while selecting one’s favorite Internet browsers. Both the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome compete highly with each other in the speed category. Google Chrome wins in this to some extent. As conducted by PC MAG speed test, Google Chrome leads the queue with 372 scores while the Mozilla Firefox got near 300 only. Though Google Chrome is faster in speed as compared to Firefox, but it does not mean that Firefox is slow. This one also provides good speed and new updates of Firefox come with more tough challenge to Chrome.

Multiple Tabs 

Both browser enable you to open multiple tabs, but Google Chrome usually crashes earlier than Mozilla Firefox. This is something not good for those, who perform several tasks at single instance. ‘

User Interface 

This is one of the major reasons why people opt for Google Chrome over Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome comes with a nice and simple user interface, making it simple for newbies in the Internet field. The user interface of Mozilla Firefox is also good, but not that much as of Google Chrome.

Loading Time

Mozilla Firefox is damn slow in opening and takes a hell lot time to open as compared to Google Chrome. If you are a fast bird, who wants to perform the stuff quickly, the Google Chrome is for you.

Plugins and Extensions 

Both the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can be enhances by using plugins and extensions. Though the list is bigger for Firefox as compared to that of Chrome, but developers from all over the globe are showing their interest in developing apps for Chrome and thus the Chrome App Store is extending rapidly.

Google Chrome is better than Firefox in all aspects. What do you think about it?

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