Geo science technologies for geoscientists

Geo-science refers to the study of the various natural elements of the Earth, from caves to caverns to volcanoes, even underwater formations. Geo-scientists most commonly study the Earth’s outer crust, which is known as the lithosphere. It’s within this crust that the most useful elements various industries utilize for many purposes can be found. Coal is harvested for burning, salt is harvested for food as well as weather-preparation (de-icing salt, for example), and natural oil wells are drilled into in order to use the oil to create fossil fuels.


But geoscientists don’t just go digging in the earth blindly, armed with not much more than a hammer and a chisel. Rather, they rely on a variety of tools and specific study methods to determine not just what they’re looking for, but where to look for it, and how to get to it. One of the most common ways for a geoscientist to pinpoint the location of something, such as an oil well, is to use two or more electrodes to generate electricity. The electrodes are inserted into the ground through what are known as boreholes, which may be of varying depths. Sometimes a brine solution is added to assist with the conduction of electricity, and to make the results a bit easier to read. Once the data has been collected via the resulting resistance of that electricity via special resistivity meters, it can be interpreted. These meters can print out 2D or 3D graphs and maps, or even transmit the data to a laptop or tablet, and then the scientists can analyze that data and create a map for digging.

While geoscientists do use a variety of common tools such as shovels and hammers to assist with digging, they also use more industry-specific tools, such as large electrodes, resistivity meters, 2D and 3D imaging products, and more. Needless to say, you can’t just walk into a retail store or hardware shop to find these. Instead, you need to utilize a company such as Advanced Geosciences, Inc. in order to find these and other geo-science products. And thanks to technology, many of these products are rechargeable and wireless in nature, which means they can go anywhere you go.

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