Effective ways to destory your old data

Effective ways to destory your old dataWell, you might be excited about seeing the topic known all too well as how to delete data. As you might have guessed I am not simply pressing the ‘Delete’ button on the computer to destroy your data. In fact, that is nothing more than a poor joke to the name of ‘Destroying Data’. Even a newbie computer user can recovery that data easily. If you are curious to know everything about destroying data in the real sense, then be sure to read this article as I list the 5 effective way to destroy your old data.

Overwrite it

Formatting your hard disk is not an answer to the permanent solution to deleting data. This only tells the operating system which files to show and which to not show. A person with little knowledge of computers can recover the data from a formatted hard drive using a hard drive recovery software. The best way to destroy your data is to overwrite it, before you format the hard drive. Try to overwrite the data at least four times and then format the disk. This will make it impossible for someone to get your old data.

Destroy the Hard Drive 

Do you have stored data in a hard drive? If so, then the best way to destroy your data is by destroying the hard drive itself. Using your inner anger to destroy the hard drive by taking a hammer to it. If you have enemies then give the hard drive the name of your enemy and show it who is boss. Do not let your hard drive exist anymore. Destroy it badly and then throw it in the garbage; your data will be destroyed with the hard drive.

Data is on CD? Scratching is not an Answer

Is your data is on CD/DVD disk and you think you can destroy it by scratching the surface of the disk? If you think this then it is time to learn some new things. Scratching the surface may be a solution for primary class students, not for the tech experts. Any person with a little bit of knowledge can recover the data from a totally scratched disk. So if your data is on a CD or DVD the best way to destroy it is by completely destroying disk.

If your old data is sensitive, then you should make the necessary moves to destroy the data. I hope these new ways will help you get rid of your old data completely.

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