Best Ways to Protect Your Blog’s Content

Best Ways to Protect Your Blog's ContentBeing a blogger, one of the major problems that one face is  getting blog’s content copied. As the blogging community is growing crazily, copycats are increasing day by day. You may be producing your blog’s content with hard work and lot of research and someone else will simply copy and paste it on his/her blog.  Google’s search algorithms keep updating and now, the big G is strictly against the copied content. If any person copies your blog’s content and pastes it on his/her blog, then he deserves to be penalized, but the bad point is that you also get penalized along with him/her. So it is very important to protect your blog’s content. How to do it? Check out this article to get answer of ‘How’ part.

Disable Content Selection 

Why do the copycats copy your blog’s content? Because you invite them to do so. The world is not going to mend their cheap works, why don’t you make it hard for anyone to copy your content? You should disable your blog’s content selection so as to protect it. You can do this by some coding work or can also use any plugin for this task.

Protect Your Blog’s Images by Using Watermark

Along with content, the poor copycats don’t even leave the photos. In fact, the images get copied more than blog’s content. The best way to protect the images is by adding watermark. You can use any separate software designed for this task or can also use Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. Another way to disable the image copying is by disabling the Right Click on your blog. This way is effective, but other readers of your blog also got affected by it.

Use CopyScape 

CopyScape is a website that searches the copies of your content on the web and provide you links to the blog, where your content is published. You can take further actions like can contact the blog owner or can also file DMCA complaint. The rest work will be done by DMCA and soon the copier’s blog will be thrown away from search engine rankings.

Your blog’s content is your virtual property. You should save it from the copycats or else be ready to face penalties from Google. Last choice is always yours.

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