Best Gmail Productivity Tips

Gmail Productivity TipsHaving an email account is must if you want to work online. While talking about the email account, Gmail, the email service from Google stands first. Well, almost every Internet user knows about Gmail and how to use it, but still, there are a very few people who use it with full potential. There are many tips regarding Gmail, which can enhance your experience of using it. Let’s have a look at the best Gmail productivity tips.

Use Labels 

Labels is a very good feature that enables you to organize your emails into categories. Labels work in the same manner as the Folders work in your computer. As the name of Folder makes your work of finding files easy, in the same manner Labels enables you to categorize your emails and find it easily.


Instead of performing every thing with your mouse, you can be an advanced user by using the Shortcut Keys. There are shortcut Keys defined for every task that you perform in Gmail. These Shortcuts save your time. For example, if you want to label an email, just use the ‘l” to do so,”v” for labeling and then archiving an email, <tab> then <enter> for sending emails. You can find out the complete shortcut keys list by logging into your Gmail account or performing a simple search on Google.

Link Multiple Email Accounts to Gmail 

If you have got any more email account, say email account at your own domain, then consider linking it to your Gmail account to get the emails there. This is an amazing time saving trick as you need not to open separate email accounts to check your incoming emails. You can link other email accounts by proceeding as ‘Settings->Accounts and Import’ in your Gmail account. After doing so, just select  ‘Send mail from another address’ or ‘Add POP3 email account’. This is the must to use tip to increase your productivity.

Size Search Filters

Along with other search filters, Gmail has included the ‘Size Search Filter’ as well. Through it, you can search for email attachments of your desired size. The search term like larger:5m will display the emails having attachments of more than 5MB in size. Similarly you can use other search filters to narrow your search, and to find any particular email fast and quick.

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