Best E-book Readers for 2013

Best E-book Readers for 2013Year 2013 is on its way and you might be getting ready for it. Right? Well, in the past some time Ebooks have become very popular and have replaced the bulky offline books. This has resulted in the involvement of many new eBook readers. Selecting the best eBook reader from crowd of readers is not an easy task. So if you want to use the best only, then do check out this article ahead to know about the best eBook readers for 2013. So let’s have a look at it.


This is the best eBook reader and comes from the house of online shopping giant Amazon. This one has Wi-Fi adapter in it. The best quality in this eBook reader is its light weight. The light weight makes it easily portable. Though this eBook reader lacks in integrated light and no touchscreen, still, it is not any matter of concern at this price range.

Kindle Paperwhite 

This is the first eBook Reader that comes with Integrated light support. This feature was in-high demand by all the users and Amazon heard to all, and come up with integrated light support in Kindle Paperwhite. It comes with 4 LEDs which make it good to use in dark. Along with the backlight support, Amazon’s other regular features like Good Content, High Quality Display and Resolution are part of this eBook reader.

Kobo Gio

If you cannot afford to buy Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, then Kobo Gio is the perfect eBook reader for you. The feature set includes high resolution of 758 x 1,024, backlight support WiFi etc. As this one is available at cheaper price as compared to Paperwhite, thus competes hard with Amazon’s  eBook readers.

Kindle Fire HD

If you want something more than a normal eBook reader, then just opt for Kindle Fire HD. This one is the best eBook reader with advanced features like 1,280 x 800 full-colour display, stereo speakers and 16GB of storage. Along with access to eBooks, you can enjoy movies, music and other stuff on it. You can enhance your fun with Kindle Fire HD by downloading the apps for it from Amazon app store. Light weight of this eBook reader makes it easily portable, and a good reader for travelers.

Which one do you like the most? What’s your choice from the list of best eBook readers for 2013. Use the below comment box to answer it.

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