Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Contact form plugins for WordPress
Contact form plugins for WordPress

Are you a part of ever growing blogosphere? If yes is your call, then you might be familiar with WordPress. Thumbs up, if your blog is running on this popular blogging platform. The best thing about the WordPress is the availability of no. of plugins to ease your blogging work. You can find plugins related to all categories. Every blog must have some essential pages on it. Like ‘About Us’, ‘Disclaimer’ and ‘Contact Us’ . ‘Contact Us’ page enables your blog visitors to come in touch with you. Most of the ‘Contact Us’ pages contain a normal Contact form, through which visitor can send his/her message to the blog owner. If you also want to use the same form in your ‘Contact Us’ page, then check out this article as I am here with the list of best Contact Form Plugins. So let us have a look at it.

Contact Form 7

This is the most used plugin to create a Contact Form on WordPress blogs. Not only this is simple to use, but offers good features like Ajax Filtering. The Captcha challenge stops the bots to make comments on your blog, and works with Akismet WordPress plugin to fight against spam comments. Contact Form 

Just signup at and create your own Contact Form for your WordPress blog. The free version lacks some features, but still, good enough for normal use. You just need to provide your Email address after installing this plugin. The rest work will be done by plugin itself and you will get a complete Contact Form.

SimpleModal Contact Form

If you want to record the IP address of message sender, then SimpleModal Contact form is best for you. The simple user interface makes it good for your visitors. The visitors can also choose that if they want the copy of their own message or not. This is pretty unique and good feature. This one is completely free to use in your WordPress blog.

Contact Coldform 

Install this plugin, tweak changes according to your desires and you will get a complete well-designed Contact Form on your WordPress blog. Damn super to setup. Is not it? The Challenge Question stops the bots to make comments on your blog, making your blog to be free from spam comments. You can add this Form to any page or even post. You just need to paste the shortcode to do so.

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