Best Astrology Apps for Android

Best Astrology Apps for AndroidAndroid is the best operating system and covers more than 25 percent of total no. of mobile users. The thing that makes it the best operating system is the availability large no. of apps in its official app store Google Play. Being an open source platform, every developer focus on building apps for Android. This is the reason that huge list of apps in the Google Play has got some good Astrology Apps as well. Though all are not worth to try, but the best ones will surely convert your Android device into virtual astrologer. Finding the best Astrology apps that are worth trying, is a damn tough task.  This is not only time eating but frustrating task as well. But you need not to face this frustration as I am here with the list of best Astrology apps for Android. Let us have a look at it.


If you want to know your future, then consider using this app on your Android device. This app predicts your future and let you know about it in simple words, the words that you can understand. You can set the alerts to receive your horoscope daily, right on your Android’s screen. The best part of this popular astrology app is that it is completely free to download and one can grab it from Google Play.

Tarot Reading

If you believe in Tarot Reading, then this app can make you feel the same realistic experience. The app is not only realistic but also accurate in its predictions. You can set alerts to get daily predictions from the app, via mail. The app is well designed and cool colors used in this app never let you get bored while using the app. This app is also free to download from Google Play.

Daily Horoscope 

As the name of this app suggests, it is used to check your daily future predictions on your Android smartphone or tablet. If doing this on daily basis seems to be a difficult thing to do, then you can also set the alerts so as to allow the daily predictions to get delivered, right in your mail box, which you can check at any time. The 4 star rating and a good user base speaks about the quality of the app. Like the previous ones, this app is also free to download.

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