10 Useful Apps to recover a lost or stolen iPhone

Are you driving nuts for losing your precious iPhone? Have your iPhone been stolen somehow? Yes, folks. These accidents can happen to anyone but if you’ve the blockade to put an end to all of these, it’d be amazing. There are different apps that can recover your lost or stolen iPhone. Some of the apps are buggy while the others work just fine. We’ve come up with good number of apps to suggest you to use. Let’s see the top 10 useful apps for recovering your iPhone.

Apps to recover a lost or stolen iPhone
1. Find My iPhone

This is an embedded iPhone app for devices updated to iOS 5. It can locate the map where your iPhone is by using another iOS device while protecting all of your private data. You’ll need to have an iCloud account to successfully install and work through with this app. You can even sound alarm when your device is online and receive an email when it’s connected to the internet.

2. GadgetTrak

When you lose your iPhone, this app will send location reports to you and discreet messages to your device. It’ll also try to snap pictures from your lost iPhone. Most importantly, the thief won’t be able to delete your apps. It’s priced at $3.99.

3. IHound

With one time app purchase fee of $3.99, this app will do the same thing as GadgetTrak like sending discreet messages and alarm, tracking location as well as taking the photo from the iPhone remotely. Give this app a shot.

4. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is another great app for tracking and monitoring your iPhone. It can block using apps and can also record photos and videos remotely. You can record the surroundings of your iPhone as well. This app is a bit pricey as well. It’ll cost you $99.97 a year.

5. Phone Trace 4

Knowing real time location of your lost or stolen iPhone is fairly easy with Phone Trace 4. It’ll cost you $7.99 from the App store but it can send you real time location and photos as well.

6. Navizon

It’s a free app and it has functions to mark the positions of your lost or stolen iPhone. It provides live locating system as well.

7. Motion Alarm

This app has some innovative features like darkening the screen to a minimum level for the stolen iPhone and sending customized Alarms as well. It can send you emails and track down with map as well.

8. If Found

Costing just 99 cents, this app can lockdown your screen showing your phone number. Anybody seeing it can return your iPhone. This app is great for losing but not for stolen iPhones.

9. Device Locator

It’s a great app within $3.99 and can offer whole bunch of features like sending alarm, tracking location or even remotely taking pictures. Only pay a onetime fee and you’re good to go with it. It’s very handy app indeed.

10. Find My Friends

You can use this app to find your iPhone as well. Just take the added device from your family or friends and you can see the location of your iPhone.

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